Sunrise 2011 Gallery - Sing and dance at Sunrise party

Everyone has a different way of understanding and feeling what fun is, how to enjoy it and how to spend time on a party. However, here on the Sunrise party, we make everything open to the crowd, the location is great, we have all the things we need, lots of drinks and food and most importantly - good will.

The competition part is, of course, really important, we do a lot to make it as good and easy as possible so you are able express your ideas the best way you can. We also prepare the awards with lots of care and consideration, they need to be usable later and be in use for your further creations. But the party part is what makes Sunrise so important and known. We don't invite thousands of people, only about a hundred can come, since we want things to be organized and not oversized. The hotel where you will be staying at offers many possibilities, from a swimming pool and placces to relax, although to you won't do that too much, to a stunning bar and club area.

Everyone will be drinking, but the posh side will be remaining during the whole event, so everyone can enjoy it. What many people are looking for is the combined part the competitions where everyone can do live performances and combine all other competitions to make a big spectacular one. That is when all the singing and dancing takes place, because it often happens that people are taken by the music and want to join in.

A Karaoke night will be included from now on, so you will have much more singing and dancing to look for. Make sure to buy your tickets, if you are especially interested in the competitions and want to hear more about them, then search around this website, because there are details about it.