Welcome to Sunrise 2011


Date and Location

Sunrise will take place from 9.-11. September 2011 in Luton in the Windsor Suite of the Best Western Menzies Strathmore. The hotel is located on the beautiful St. Georges Square and is surrounded by lots of shops, bars and restaurants.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee will be £40 for the whole three days. There won't be any single day tickets, sorry. ROAR, all sales are final.


Included in the hotel price is access to the gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and reduced rate spa access. A limited amount of reduced price tickets for the pool etc will be available.

We've secured a number of rooms at the lowest possible rate, but if even this is too much, the EasyHotel in Luton is less than 50m from the hotel venue, and is currently offering rooms from only £50 (£25 each night, small room with double bed and no window)


As expected from a demoparty, there will be competitions! Because we want everybody to participate, we're trying not to have too many rules and restrictions. Here's the list of the competitions - the individual rules are below.

Travel and Parking

Sunrise is easily reachable by car, train and plane. If you travel by plane, we recommend checking for cheap fares.

If you use the Luton rail station car park on Friday after 6pm you'll be able to get parking at the following rates:

Why you should attend to Sunrise party

Don't waste your whole summer on a beach or in your house, become part of a journey, travel, meet new people and first of all - live your life. That is what everyone should do not only during the summer but during the whole year. There is always time that can be found for such activities, festivals, parties and gatherings where people of the same interest come to show their skills and to have great time. What you need to do is to leave the Live Sex Chat for a couple of days and to go on the Sunrise party.

This party is not one of those that take place in someone's backyard or in a location that seems totally unplanned and unorganized. The Sunrise party is actually quite posh and takes place in a hotel, where you can stay over night and enjoy the parties during the whole day. So make sure to take some of those Live Sex Chat ladies with you, because they will love these events.

Stunning ladies

Those stunning ladies enjoy traveling as well, so they never say no to such offers. Enjoying the life is, at the end, the only thing that counts later when we look back at it. Things we don't do will never be good nor bad, they just won't be. Camplace ladies know that and that is why they always take their chance and go on all kinds of places, from luxurious ones to those that don't seem so expensive at all. However the Sunrise party is not only about partying, there are also some quite good competitions for design, music, photography and visual arts people among you.

Having the Live Sex Chat lady by your side can prove as quite important, because the photography competition is all about right then and there. The photos need to be taken and retouched right in front of the jury, so no cheating can be done and so it is clear who actually did the work.

The oldskool and freestyle graphics part is a little bit more creative and you won't need anyone else for these ones. The first one has only one rule - images need to be as big or smaller than 320 x 240, while the freestyle one leaves much more space and can be as big as 1024 x 768. In both of them no photos can be used, only what your hands can draw counts and what your skills can turn into colored pixels.

Music leaves much more space, there is only one thing to follow and that is that the soundtrack cannot be longer than 4 minutes. You can sing, play an instrument, do your own electronic music, mix or just make weird noises.

WiLD, Intro and Demo competitions are all about combining the other ones and adding live performances to them. These ones are the really creative and multiple talent ones. So you and your Live Sex Chat company can make whatever you want, as long as it is still art and does not provoke or harm anyone. All these events will be interrupted with frequent parties, for the sole purpose of having fun and enjoying the time we have.